Casting In Yorkshire

We had great fun hosting a casting for a new advert here at the agency in Sheffield on Friday, it was nice to have everyone coming to Sheffield from London for a change instead of the other way round!

We had plenty of DK models and actors visit the office to audition. It was nice to see so many of the artists in person! We got a bit camera happy and found lots of new potential for real family models. This is one of our new, beautiful real families, The Farrow’s.Farrow Family (1)

It was great to meet the casting agent, Ian Sheppard, and we really enjoyed working with him for the day. After a weekend of hard work and tough decisions for those involved , we’re excited to meet the director and producer today at the recall!

We’ve also been involved in a bit of location scouting and hopefully they will be shooting at the home of one of the DK people who offered their house as a location last week.  Thanks everyone for your emails and photos on Friday responding to our email looking for a location.

Happy casting everyone!